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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a county with two big crime scenes. police investigate a violent morning. major new developments on a story we first brought you almost a year ago. five people killed in a crash, and now we know the person who caused it is in serious trouble. our summer in september weather is about to change. a look at our next chances for rain coming up. >> plus, a symbolic step for the city of baltimore today after the death of freddie gray. news 4 midday starts right now. >> the live desk, a man has been
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indicted for a crash that took five lives. kenneth kelly was indicted on five counts oh intelligent manslaughter. you might remember this crash back in october. the victims were at a red light on livingston road when he slammed into them. his blood alcohol level.14. the legal limit is .08. they say he was driving more than 70 miles per hour. this crash killed two children and two mothers who left behind ten children between them. a passenger in the car also died. kelly being held now on a $500,000 bond. we're in prince george's county where it was a violent
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morning. two separate shooting scenes a few miles apart. first here in the heritage knolls town homes complex. three people shot. one of them is dead, and two are in bad shape. then just after 5:00 this morning, police got a call for an assault in hayatsville. when they got to annapolis road and cooper lane, they found a man who had been shot to death. he was on the ground not far from capital plaza mall and close to an apartment complex. people who live there heard the gunshots. they were very alarmed, and now knowing that a man is dead makes this all even more disturbing for them. >> it's really sad. very sad that it's a shooting, and it's so close to where i live. and there's so much crime that's going on. >> reporter: and you heard it? >> yes, i heard it.
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>> reporter: now, people here in heritage knolls where we are this morning, the earlier shooting that happened around 12:30 this morning, they too told us they heard the gunshots. police got here and found a woman and two men, all of them shot, one of the men died and the other man and the woman are in critical condition. is t shooting happened in the park lot. at least 25 evidence markers out here that we could see this morning. and detectives seemed focussed on one particular car. we did ask the question, and police won't see at this point whether they think this one was some sort of domestic situation. in both shootings, not a lot of answers. no suspects. no one in custody. and just a whole lot of questions. in prince george's county, kristin wright. back to you. >> thank you, christen. right now police in fairfax are trying to figure out what happened to a person whose body
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was found near a bus stop this morning. police say they do not suspect foul play at this point. at the live desk, just in, a major settlement now official in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. the baltimore city board that oversees spending approved a $6.4 million settlement between the city and the family of freddie gray. he died a week after he was hurt while in police custody. the mayor said a settlement before a criminal trial is unusual, but her words, she feels like this is meant to deal with bringing some closure and to avoid years of litigation. the police union against this settlement ahead of a criminal trial. and this move could have an impact on whether the six officers accused in gray's death will have their trials moved out of baltimore. a judge expected to rule on the defense motion on that change of venue tomorrow. we expect to hear from the
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gray's family attorney around noon. >> a traffic problem. connecticut avenue is now almost reopened at knolls avenue in kenzington. a construction accident knocked several wires onto the road. the road was closed for several hours. no one was injured. now only one southbound lane is closed. they are making final repairs. september, doing its impression of august. another summer-like day. live view of the storm team 4 tower camera overlooking the capitol this morning. the tower camera looking at washington. a little hazy. you can see the humidity in the air, and it is prop ctropical humidity. the west, blue sky. a blue clouds. live view from the tower camera overlooking montgomery county. temperatures in the low 80s there right now. mid 80s around the metro area. prince george's, southern
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montgomery, and right near the bay, temperatures around 80 degrees. north and west, quite a nice day. in the 70s at mountains, 80 to 90 around chesapeake bay. >> now developments in a kentucky clerk fight over marriage licenses. kim davis will not return to the office until friday. she was released from jail yesterday. they say the department clerk issues the licenses in her absence. davis defied the ruling when she refused to issue paperwork. >> we're learning an independent review of how the university of virginia handled a student's raep allegations will not be made public.
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the university cited student privacy concerns. critics say the school could protect privacy by removing the student's names. more metro woes. what we just learned about a time of year that's worst for some people than others. and passengers have to run for their lives. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it.
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more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. a developing story for you this morning. all runways at mcclarion airport in las vegas are now open after an engine fire. more than 150 passengers and crew members used emergency slides to escape. the plane's engine was on fire. the london-bound flight was forced to abort takeoff as flames shot from the side of the jet. 14 people were hurt. they're expected to be okay.
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there's no word on what caused the fire. >> more bad news is capping off what's been a rough summer for metro. the agency's vital signs report shows more trains and buses broke down in april, may, and june compared to the same months in 2014. metro says that led to fewer buses and trains arriving on time. crime steadily climbed over the three months and customer satisfaction dipped to 73% on the rails from 80% last year. all of the issues have riders seeing red, and looking for new ways to have their voices heard. tonight, will be the first meeting of the rider's union, a group started by the man behind the wmata twitter handle. you can take part in the meet big live streaming the meeting on the group's website. it starts at 7:00. >> a once in a lifetime event. how you could score tickets for the pope. but you'll have to act fast.
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>> we've got one more day of excessive heat. and then here comes some rain coming in out of the midwest. coming our way. right now storm team 4 radar locally not showing any showers in our vicinity. we have just a few clouds building, and that is about it as we get into the rest of the around hours, we'll have our temperatures continuing to climb a bit. right now with the sun shine breaking out, we've got it into the mid 80s. much of the metro area, then as we look forward into later today, by 5:00 p.m., these areas in color might have a few isolated showers. hour by hour after that, not much going on into the evening hours. then it's overnight late tonight and by dawn tomorrow, maybe showers and even thunder out of the mountains. that gets closer by noon.
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a few showers and thundershowers coming through by the rest of the day. nice weather coming in after that. a look at that coming up. >> thank you, tom. city leaders in alexandria are doing away with a local tradition. they voted to ban the flying of confederate flags twice a year at the old town intersection. in the past flags have been raised to commemorate robert e lee's birthday in january and the confederate memorial day in may. >> if you want to snag a ticket to see the pope in philadelphia, you'll get a chance today. 10,000 tickets will be available first come first served at 4:00 this afternoon. another 10,000 open up at 8:00 tonight for the mass on september 27th th. we have everything you're looking for related to the pope's upcoming visit to washington on our nbc washington app. >> all eyes on san francisco right now. in a couple of hours if future
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of apple will be revealed. we'll take you there live.
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huge anticipation right now for apple's big event later today. it could the biggest ever with lots of new technology to show. we are in san francisco where people are lined up right now. >> reporter: what's new? it's anyone's guess, but the
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be giuessers say maybe a new iphone with a new camera. maybe a new apple tv box. so you can talk to your tv. >> it's a wild card. and that's an ipad pro, kind of a big screen ipad meant for business users. they've been working on it. >> reporter: job websites also give us a hint on what's to come. apple is hiring more artificial intelligence experts, recruiting from ph.d. programs. maintaining what has been 30% iphone sales growth in each of the last three quarters is statistically not possible so they have to do something different now. >> i think they need to find reasons for people to want the new iphone and also get people excited about some of the other
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categories. they have something for everybody. if you don't want one product, you want another. >> reporter: and at the auditorium, it seats 7,000, much larger than the 750 seat venue they often use for the announcements. the possibility of another government shut down is looming right now as some republicans try to use votes on spending bills to block funding for planned parenthood. it's not the only big potential issue right now. across the board spending cuts from sequestration could also hit d.c. if lawmakers can't make a deal. wtop reports local businesses are already thinking about furloughs and spending cuts. in just a couple of hours, we'll get our first look at a brand new visitor center that tells the story of flight 93. the complex which features
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interactive kpilkexhibits and overlooks the crash side. it was opened to tell the stories of the passengers to kept terrorists from doing more damage on 9/11. i love seeing and sharing your photos. this one blew my mind. taken yesterday morning. sun rise there along the maryland coast south of ocean city. a spectacular, dreamy sun rise there. post your pics on my facebook page and share on instagram as well. uncomfortable humidity with us. hang on. lower humidity moving in after today. we'll have it dropping into the pleasant range here by friday and into the weekend. here's your afternoon planner for this sort of final summery day of september. the way it's going to be looking now for the next several days. the last day maybe above 90
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degrees. a partly cloudy sky back down to the 80s by this evening and showers beginning move in as we get into tomorrow. >> this morning parents have a lot to think about with the w a new study that examined attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, or adhd. with them telling us children six and younger are being diagnose nosed, how do they find it in children so young? >> i think only the vast minority of kids should be diagnosed with adhd under the age of six. in those cases, it's reserved for those who are really struggling at home or threatening to maybe be kicked out of their schools because they can't function. for the majority of cases, you should be at least seven years old before you take a look at the diagnosis. i am not willing to consider this diagnosis in my practice
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until they're seven. if this diagnosis is being made in half the kids at that age, that's a problem. people need to be aware it's normal for kids to have issues with impulsivity and all the symptoms clustered with adhd is normal in young kids. >> so because we're seeing more cases, we understand, is it because we are sensitive to this, or is it because we now know how to recognize it? >> well, i think that this is a very complicated question. this is the million dollar question. my take is we are more sensitive to it. i think there are more pressures on kids and parents for their kids to behave a certain way in school. there's less free time for things like pe in school, and i think the big factor also is lack of sleep for a lot of kids and diet. we know diet can impact kid's behavior, and we know that diets that don't have a lot of
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probiotics in them, diets in which you're eating a lot of carbohydrates or processed foods are going to exacerbate issues with hyper activity. >> can you run through the stomps? >> impulsivity, hyper activity, problems with paying attention in general, but the thing that parents need to be aware of is even the child with the worse case of adhd still can focus just fine if they're really interested in topic. if your child can sit and play legos for two hours but they have a hard time with everything else, you can't say it's a behaifb behavioral problem. they could still have adhd. >> we have other questions. stay right where you are. thanks. the bell's toll across great britain as queen elizabeth breaks a record.
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we're following the stories you're clicking on this morning. [ bell ringing ] . >> as big ben struck midnight, queen elizabeth became the longest reigning monarch. she set the record of her great great grandmother. she took the thrown when he was 25 years old. stephen colbert kicked off the late show last night. his fans say it may be a new studio and set but it's the same old funny man. hillary clinton will be on ellen. ellen asked how she would handle being one of the oldest president elects. clinton said she'd be the
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youngest woman ever elected president of the united states. you can see the full interview tomorrow right here on nbc.
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sun shine in the 80s, and quite humid. temperatures right now at reagan national is at 84. temperatures north and west, panhandle of west virginia low 80s. upper 70s in the mountains. southern maryland, northern neck and around the bay in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. already with the steamy humidity, it is tropical. later today, low 90s. most of the region. and then some showers and maybe thundershowers moving in. that's going to be late tonight. may not even be until after midnight. a smaller chance during the afternoon west of i-95. like lly showers and thundershowers off and on on thursday. low 80s. then nice weather on friday. might get more showers and
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thundershowers late saturday and off and on sunday. >> thank you, tom. developing right oh now, dozens of residents in southern california are back home after a fast-moving brush fair forced them toe vac wait. more homeowners are being forced out near yosemite and fresno. >> parents in fairfax county, you have a chance to weigh in on how schools should spend their money next year. they're hoping for a lot of community involvement. there's a meeting tonight starting at 7:00 at south lakes high school. the county school board says the budget deficit could be as much as $100 million next year. right now the sheriff's office is investigating booby traps. they are serious.
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they involve a razor sharp blade that stick up. one man said he found the traps while he was hacking near fishing creek road. the paper says this problem is creating confusion over which agency should take the traps away. for now, if you find a trap, you should call the sheriff's office. >> the fbi gets involved after a crime spree hits the district, maryland, and virginia. >> and storm team 4 showing us a line of showers and storms. that forecast in a little bit with a look
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at the live desk, just getting word about a big reward from the fbi to catch a couple of guys accused of robbing 7-11 stores. this is the poster offering a $10,000 reward to identify and arrest two guys who are accused of robbing at least 7/11 stores. on a couple of different occasions in the early morning hours. the fbi not yet able to 1995 these people by name. they're asking for the public's help to figure out who they are. all of them accused of being armed with a long, and in one case, a long gun in conducting the robberies. more information, we'll put it up for you on our nbc washington
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app. >> you probably noticed yesterday here on nbc 4, there is a brand new look and feel to the meredith vee yar ra show. meredith is joining us live. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. so nice to talk to you. >> it's a brand new season. what's new this year? >> well, we have a permanent panel which is very exciting. lance bass and a couple others. and all of them, last spring we started doing panels on the show, and we thought it was an effective way to start and talk about topics. and those four, when we put them together, there was a chemistry that we couldn't deny. so they are now family members and at the top of every show, and we're live which makes it wonderful. we'll be talking about stories as they are playing out. we get to talk about what's on our mind, and then from there, we will do the traditional, you
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know, it's the meredith vieira show. there's celebrity interviews and the heart pieces. at the end of the day, i want to help people and highlight people you wouldn't know otherwise who are doing wonderful things. >> we love those pieces and the games. you're in your second season. what else is in store for us this year in. >> i think just -- you know, more of the same. we've tweaked the show and we feel really good about it, and we moved the band closer to the audience, so that adds a little bit of energy, for sure. but we like the way we handled it last season. we liked the mix. you're going to see a lot of that this season as well. but the live component is by far the most important. when you go live, anything can happen. as you guys know. >> and what are we going to see happen today in. >> today? that's right. today the panel gets feisty. i'm not surprised. i walk out and trip.
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it's live, baby. and tom who is such a great, great friend to this show, he was on several times last season, and i said please come on when we start the new season, because i just love him to death. he's so much fun. and his show, dancing with the stars begins next week. we'll talk about that and a lot more, and we'll play a game, of course. >> come on down and visit us here in washington sometime. we'd like to have you here. >> i would love to. i would love to. thank you so much. >> all right. thank you, meredith. >> congratulations on another year. >> you can catch the show right after us on week days here on nbc 4. she's on after midday at noon. >> right now we've got bright sun shine in the metro. feeling like summer with the humidity. here comes some rain. right now storm team 4 radar showing the midwest, upper level flow dragging closer to us.
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not arriving until later tonight. right now don't have any rain anywhere in the immediate region. here is the hour by hour timing of any showers popping up. the areas in color. by 5:00 p.m., maybe a few isolated showers to the north and around the valley and the mountains, and later this evening they dissipate for a while and things settle down. greater chances of showers move in around dawn tomorrow, special ve shenandoah valley and the mountains. by noon and the afternoon showers and thundershowers coming through. the metro area and by that, 5:00 p.m., heading out over the eastern shore by tomorrow evening. needed rain coming in. we could use it. >> we can. and develop right now, john kerry is meeting with lawmakers to determine how the u.s. can help the migrant crisis, including how many refugees the u.s. can take in.
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it comes as they are calling on member nations to accept 120,000 more migrants from syria. it's video you may have seen online and it's cost a hungarian journalist her job. the woman was caught kicking my grants as they tried to run across a field. hungary has taken a hard line on migrants trying to close their borders. another video shows this same person tripping a woman running from w a child. >> right now washington is the center of the presidential campaign. hillary clinton voiced cautious support for the nuclear deal with iran. as nbc tracie potts reports, lawmakers have only eight more days left to try to disrupt the
11:36 am
deal. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: donald trump and republican presidential rival ted cruz are headlining a tea party rally today against the iran deal. a few blocks away, hillary clinton defends the deal in a speech at a think tank. >> i have my time. >> reporter: lawmakers got into it on their first day back, comparing the deal to world war ii. >> england decided to go to munich and appease hitler. >> reporter: democrats rallied outside the capital in support. >> doing nothing will embolden iran and make this world unsafe. >> rejecting this deal means that the united states, not iran will be isolated. >> not a single republican senator will be voting in favor of this agreement. >> reporter: but democrats have 41 vote, enough to block a resolution of disapproval from
11:37 am
ever reaching the president's desk. no veto necessary. meaning in all likelihood, this deal is a go. >> reporter: also today, sarah palin and glen beck, the conservative talk radio hosts all at the rally with donald trump. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> and caitlyn jenner talks about her transition and the >>
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recognizable transgender person in the country and arguably the world. now caitlyn jenner is opening up about her transition. >> hardly nobody gets to live two genders in their life. everybody wonders what's it like to come from the other side. you know, they're thinking, the way they act, everything, and here i have the opportunity to do that. >> while jenner is mostly positive about the transition, she says she's faced criticism
11:39 am
and opposition in addition she faces possible criminal charges for a deadly crash back in february. she says she was not speeding, but if convicted, she could spend a year in jail. >> that is the worst case scenario. i don't know. we'll see. the men's county jail, it is, an enormous problem that they will put transwomen in a men's county jail, yeah. but those are things we're looking into. >> you can watch part 2 of the interview tomorrow on the today show. >> the nationals have what's pretty much a must win game against the new york mets today. and the team is hoping to make the playoffs, and the mets are now six games ahead of them with 24 to play. it's a long shot, but if the nationals win all the rest of their games against the mets, the division title could be within reach. after today, they play 20 straight games wiguest teams wi
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losing records. >> and we have a health warning that could make you want to go for a wal
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>> summer in september continues. afternoon highs in the metro area reaching the low 90s. farther north and west, reaching the 90s. around the chesapeake bay in the upper 80s to around 90. a few clouds popping up. any chances of thundershowers in the mountains for the afternoon. it's overflignight tonight that might get an isolated shower. there is a big game at nationals park tonight. every game is crucial. it's like the playoffs for the nationals. it will be warm. by the seventh inning, partly cloudy low 80s. any chance of showers maybe late in the game.
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a brief delay is possible. >> this morning we're being told to lace up our shoes and take a walk. the surgeon general says americans don't get enough exercise and that simply going for a stroll that has huge benefits. today's announcement calls on community leaders to make their streets more walkable. it points a finger at societies that lack safe and convenient places for people to go for a stroll. d.c. is the seventh most walkable city. it also sites areas like u street as the city's best spots. >> right now, two communities rocked by crime overnight, and passengers forced from a burning plane. the stunning photos.
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right now police in prince george's county are busy trying to track down suspects in two new homicide investigations. two other people are in critical condition. detectives focussed a lot of their investigation overnight on a silver car. >> now to hayatsville, where police say a man died around 5:00 this morning. police responded near cooper lane. they found the man suffering trauma wounds. they haven't made any arrests yet. >> it was a terrifying scene from the terminal and from the tarmac.
11:46 am
a plane engulfed in planes it is after trying to take off. the las vegas airport is open now. it's what went right that saved a lot of lives. hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: on the mtarmac, a terrifying scene. thick smoke swallowing a british airways plane on fire on the runway, also all 157 passengers evacuated, sliding down emergency chutes. >> as soon as they hit the tarmac, they sprinted because e behind us are giant flames. >> reporter: people watched in shock. >> airport fishes say the boeing triple 7 was taxis for takeoff just after 4 p.m. when the left engine caught fire.
11:47 am
t the fire was out four minutes later. >> what's up with that, that chute, i can see the smoke and the flames and you think that could go up at any time. >> reporter: this man had been repairing for the ten-hour flight. he watched from the ground shaken but safe. more than a dozen people hospitalized with only minor injuries. >> as soon as the crew heard passengers saying there was a fire, there was no rezation. the exit doors were open. they were literally, it was like clock work for them. >> the say they believe everybody is off the aircraft. >> reporter: pilots train for those kinds of scenarios. they and the ten cabin crew members made it off the plane too. british airways promising to help the travelers with whatever they need. >> i feel lucky when i land and lucky right now. i'm glad everything went so well. >> right now the ntsb is
11:48 am
investigating. >> they're also looking into if passengers followed the directions of flight attendants and left their belongings behind. >> right now, bright sun shine and it is feeling hot. and uncomfortably humid. a live view from the west. your afternoon planner staying humid near 90 by 1:00. by 4:00, the low 90s, a few clouds popping up. warm and humid into the evening hours in the mid 80s, and showers arrive, but maybe not only late this evening. and then showers and occasional passing showers during the day on thursday. a little bit earlier in the day west. much cooler, highs low 80s. and then less humid on friday. nice setup for the first part of the weekend with lower humidity and highs in the 80s. just into the live desk. we are learning about
11:49 am
significant power outage in northwest d.c. we can show you where this is happening. the outages are concentrated north of dupont circle. about 1600 pepco customers without power as temperatures climb in that area. we don't know what's caused the outage, but we have calls out. we'll try to get the information to you on the nbc washington app at the at least. it's the latest from the i've desk. >> attention deficit hyper activity disorder or adhd, say they half of the new cases are diagnosed when the child is age six or younger. that's causing a lot of debate over whether it's more common and more diagnosed. dr. joshua winer is joining me to talk about this. is it more in boys or girls? >> boys are diagnosed three times more than girls. but the presentation can vary
11:50 am
from boys to girls. boys are much more likely to be hyper active, hard time sitting still in class and sitting at the dinner table. girls are more likely to have the symptoms of inattention. that's harder to pick up. these are the kids that are going to be doodling and daydreaming. when a lot of people think of adhd, they think of a kid climbing all over the furniture. that doesn't present that way for a girl. >> you think maybe under six is too young to diagnose? >> i do. i think teachers are a good source of information. they have a norm. they've got 20 other kids in the class room. they can compare your kid to the others in temprms of their abily to stay on task. parents need to be on the lookout of the possibility of
11:51 am
their child forgetting things or being disorganized. talk to your pediatrician or a child psychiatrist. there are a lot of things that could be mimicking ahdh, and it takes some skill and time to tease that apart to find out what's going on. >> all right. dr. winer, thank you for that. >> my pleasure. and we'll go back to pat. >> well, the word of the day is apple. we'll see the company's brand new gadgets in a matter of hours.
11:52 am
>> social media is lighting up this morning. apple. apple is set to announce something today. we just don't know exactly what. apple f app apple fan or not. tech experts say an upgraded iphone almost a given there. apple has refreshed the iphone line in the fall for the past four years running.
11:53 am
3 d touch also seems to be a buzz word. will the new screen sport a pressure sensitive screen. and another unconfirmed rumor, could be there a rose gold iphone in your future? i doubt it for me. and the home screen. the new apple tv that never was is also on the table once again. according to buzz feed, the new and updated i tv will be packed with new features and a remote control. some of them not working so well. the ipad pro, there will they reveal it? the excitement is too much. >> planning to do any shopping? >> not for a new phone. i just bought one, but not an iphone. >> we cover our phones anyway. >> you can get a rose gold cover
11:54 am
maybe save a few bucks. say good-bye to a tribute to summertime, however organizers had to clean up more than they thought.
11:55 am
we've gone from green to brown. many area lawns, the heat continuing today. relief maybe moving in with rain in the midwest. upper level winds dragging it across kentucky, tennessee into west virginia, southwest of virginia later today. then getting closer to the metro. that's not going to be until late tonight and off and on during the day tomorrow. right now no rain around now. storm team 4, four-day forecast, a small chance of shower or thundershower west of 95. likelihood of needed rain on thursday. maybe some flashes of lightning and much cooler too. highs in the low 80s. last 90 degree temperature is
11:56 am
today. friday, low humidity with the mid 80s. maybe showers and thundershowers. right now looking like saturday night and showers and thundershowers looking possible on sunday but nice into next week with lower humidity. >> it's white plastic shores drew thousands of visitors. according to "the washington post," nearly 1,000 items have been reported lost or have been unclaimed from a dip at the beach exhibit at the national building museum. many of the items are foam. not surprising. but at least one engagement ring was found. dozens of shoes, sunglasses and fitness trackers also washed up. they were found in the depths of the balls. they called the beach. they said they will try to return the items and will donate anything that goes unclaimed. >> i hope next year the balls are blue. that's it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us.
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>> you can get all the news on our app.
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